SmartApartment: A modern solution for efficient management of rental apartments

SmartApartment: A modern solution for efficient management of rental apartments

Rapidly evolving short-term rental market presents many challenges for operators and owners of apartments. Therefore, they are looking for solutions that will allow them to optimize operations and streamline workflows.

SmartApartment is an innovative tool available for the hospitality industry, offering comprehensive solutions that automate the Guest service process – from check-in, through communication, to leaving a positive review after the stay. It is a solution that allows you to save time and resources and turn apartments into truly self-service accommodations.

SmartApartment Benefits

One of the most significant challenges in the short-term rental industry is ensuring smooth communication and straightforward information transfer between Guest and Host.

Under standard circumstances, a Host can only handle one phone call at a time. Our tool, by offering various communication channels, allows for the simultaneous management of multiple apartments and inquiries. This results in a decrease in the number of direct phone calls by up to 45%. The Host can also, in real-time, immediately during receiving a report from the Guest – forward it, for example, to a cleaning company or service. This reduces the number of repetitive inquiries directed directly to the Host and the check-in process at the property is faster and hassle-free.

Another important aspect of managing apartments is the collection of real data and confirmations, for example – regarding familiarization with regulations or marketing consents.

From the statistics we have gathered, it turns out that as many as 99% of Guests choose remote check-in if they have the option. This feature provides a contactless, more effective and simpler way for Guests to check in and it enables operators and apartment owners to optimize their working time and collect real data about Guests – not shared in OTAs – which can be used for direct sales. The vast majority of Guests provide a genuine signature confirming their identity. Thanks to this, we have calculated that the percentage of damage done to apartments has decreased by about 15%, significantly reducing additional repair costs and impacting profit generation.

SmartApartment ensures the optimization of communication with Guests, practically eliminating the need to manually respond to inquiries and guide them through the check-in process.

Another challenge in the short-term rental industry is to streamline and automate stay management processes to make them almost self-service.

Using our system, conveying basic information to Guests is simple, quick and efficient. This includes automatically sending notifications via email, sharing instructions, or other essential content. Thanks to these automated functions, Hosts can save up to 40 hours of work per month on repetitive tasks.

Solution for Your business

SmartApartment is a comprehensive solution that perfectly addresses the challenges faced by operators and owners of rental apartments. With a wide range of features, the process of managing apartments becomes more efficient and simpler. The tool allows for the elimination of manual handling and saves time, which in turn translates into greater work efficiency.

In the short-term rental industry, SmartApartment enjoys the recognition and trust of renowned companies such as Rent Planet, Sun&Snow and InPoint Apartments. This confirms the effectiveness and high quality of our solution.

If you want to learn more about how you can use SmartApartment in your business, schedule a presentation during which we will discuss in details the possibilities and benefits and tailor the solution to your needs!

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