SmartSolutions: Where to place links and QR codes for Your Digital Guidebook

We are delighted to be a part of your journey towards excellence in Guest Service. Our Digital Guidebook feature has been specifically designed to assist you in streamlining operations and ensuring the highest quality experience for your Guests.

It is important to make the most of the opportunities provided by SmartGuest and ensure easy access for your Guests. That’s why we encourage you to share QR codes and links to your Digital Guidebook in every possible form.

Let it accompany your Guests at every step, ensuring they never miss out and are always up to date with offers and information about your property!

In this regard, we have prepared a quick reminder for you on where and why it is worth sharing QR codes and links to your Digital Guidebook.


  • Common Areas: Placing QR codes in common areas such as the lobby, restaurants, or conference rooms ensures easy access to the Digital Guidebook for all Guests. This allows them to quickly find necessary information about the property, such as opening hours, restaurant menus, event schedules, or local attractions.
  • Spa and Amenities: For properties with spas and various amenities like saunas and pools, placing QR codes in these areas allows Guests to easily explore the service offerings. They can quickly scan QR codes to access information about available treatments, fitness class schedules, or recreational options, aiding them in planning their time and making the most of the full range of amenities.
  • TV Screens in the Lobby: Installing QR codes on TV screens in the lobby enables Guests to quickly access on-screen information using their phones. They can easily navigate to the Digital Guidebook, providing them with an additional source of information.
  • Website: Placing QR codes on the property’s website allows Guests to be redirected to the Digital Guidebook. This convenient solution leverages the fact that most people have their phones with them at all times, enabling immediate access to online information and services.
  • Door Hangers and Room Stickers: Placing QR codes on door hangers or stickers in rooms, or using NFC technology, provides Guests with easy access to information specific to their room. They can scan QR codes to obtain the Wi-Fi password, instructions for using room devices, special offers, or other relevant information that enhances their stay.
  • Reception Area: Placing QR codes at the reception desk is an ideal solution for Guests who need quick access to essential information about the property. They can easily scan the QR code to find a local map, reception phone number, operating hours, or instructions for using the property’s services.
Platan Hotel

Placing QR codes in various locations ensures convenient access to Digital Guidebook for Guests at strategic points throughout the property, enhancing their comfort and satisfaction.


  • Email Footer: Placing a link in the email footer allows for easy access to the Digital Guidebook for Guests even during the pre-arrival communication stage. This is a convenient place where Guests can find all the necessary information about the property, such as opening hours, service guidelines, local attractions, and safety instructions. It’s an ideal way to provide Guests with comprehensive knowledge prior to their arrival and enhance their comfort.
  • Reservation Confirmation/Welcome Email: The moment of reservation confirmation is crucial for Guests as they eagerly await information about their stay. Including a link to the Digital Guidebook in the reservation confirmation or welcome email enables Guests to quickly access the full range of property offerings, room information, amenities, restaurants, and more. This instills a sense of confidence and initiates an interactive experience for Guests.
  • OTA (Online Travel Agency) Platforms: Popular booking platforms like are frequently used by Guests for making reservations. Placing a link to the Digital Guidebook on the OTA page allows Guests to familiarize themselves with the comprehensive property offerings directly on that platform. It facilitates their decision-making process by providing all the necessary information in one place.
  • Website: Including a link to the Digital Guidebook on the property’s website is crucial for Guests who independently seek information about the property before making a reservation. It gives them the opportunity to delve into the details of the offerings and explore local attractions. This is an important tool that attracts and encourages potential Guests to choose a specific property.

Placing a link to the Digital Guidebook in these places enables Guests to quickly and easily find the necessary information at various stages of their interaction with the property, both before, during, and after their stay. This streamlines communication and provides Guests with a sense of comprehensive knowledge and control over their stay.

Additionally, we have some recommendations for what should be included in your Digital Guidebook, apart from basic information about your property and its operations, to fully leverage their potential.

  • Recommended local attractions: Share your recommendations for places worth visiting in the area. This may include popular tourist attractions, restaurants, or shops.
  • Detailed hotel amenities: Present all the amenities your hotel offers. This can include a pool, spa, gym, restaurant, or conference center. Provide detailed information about opening hours, usage guidelines and available services.
  • Operating instructions: Provide instructions for various devices and services in the hotel, such as air conditioning, TV remote control, or additional services like room service or taxi booking.
  • Property rules and regulations: Include the property’s regulations, which should contain important information regarding hotel usage policies, etc.

Promotions and sales information:

  • Current promotions: Inform Guests about special offers for a specific day, week, or month. This may include discounts on stays, spa services, or restaurant meals.
  • Happy hours in the bar or SPA: Highlight specific hours during which Guests can take advantage of attractive discounts on cocktails or SPA treatments.
  • Extended stays: Encourage Guests to extend their stay by offering special rates for an additional night.
  • Stay vouchers: Offer vouchers that Guests can purchase and use for a stay at your hotel or give as a gift.
  • Packages: Create a dedicated section for offers such as long weekends, holiday packages, or special events. Provide details regarding prices, dates and available services.
  • Special discount codes: Create unique discount codes that Guests can use for future bookings to encourage them to revisit your property.


By adding these information and promotions to your Digital Guidebook, you will provide Guests with a comprehensive and attractive experience while increasing sales and customer loyalty. Remember to also update other language versions!

Let your Digital Guidebook become an essential tool for Guests, consistently delivering valuable information and offers to enhance their experience!


Alicja Kawalec

Social Media Specialist