SmartAI  build on ChatGPT-4 

Build on ChatGPT-4 


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Revolutionize communication with Guests by simplifying hotel operations and dramatically improve the Guest experience with the latest AI technology.

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with SmartAI.

Replying to Guests can take a lot of staff time, thus the Guest’s waiting time for messages will be extended. SmartHotel’s integration with OpenAI uses the latest ChatGPT-4 technology, making replying to Guests automatic – instant and seamless. Responses are created based on collected data from your Digital Informer. They are constantly updated based on changes you make. The AI Assistant’s responses are unique for each Guest.


Change the auto reply mode to suggestion mode so that when you enter the chat, you will receive a suggested reply created by the Assistant based on the Guest’s previous messages. Send it with one click.

Sums up

You will quickly understand any problem without having to read the entire conversation with the Guest. SmartAI will summarize messages and give you the big picture of the problem, automatically analyzing each incoming message and summarizing it in a single message. This will help you quickly understand where the problem is and make troubleshooting faster and more efficient.

Guest requests.

When a Guest requests something, your AI Assistant will be able to generate an action message. Once requested, the request will go into our system automatically assigned to the appropriate department in your property.


One click and on. Our Virtual Assistant will scan your Digital Guide to start answering questions immediately. No additional configuration required.