Discovering Guest Preferences: Insights from the Digital Concierge Statistics Summary

Discovering Guest Preferences: Insights from the Digital Concierge Statistics Summary

At SmartHotel, we focus on innovations that enhance our guests' stay. By analyzing interactions with our digital concierge, we uncover what's capturing the most interest.

We’re showcasing selected statistics from our top 15 hotels from the last quarter, explaining how effectively using this data can benefit both our guests and our business.

Gastronomy reigns supreme in the statistics

Gastronomy ranks first among the most clicked categories – we are proud of the number of 29,314 clicks. This confirms that our culinary services are a key part of our guests’ experience.

Room Service – A Guest Favorite

Room service stands out among other amenities, with an impressive tally of 3,933 clicks. Guests appreciate the convenience of ordering a meal without leaving their room, reflecting their preference for comfort and ease.

Wi-Fi – An Essential Feature of the Stay

In today’s world, reliable Wi-Fi access is fundamental, and our concierges recorded as many as 23,549 clicks on the Wi-Fi widget. This highlights how crucial it is for guests to stay connected at all times.

Benefits of Effectively Utilizing the Digital GuestBook

By analyzing the collected data, SmartHotel can:

Enhance Personalization: Tailor offers and promotions to popular trends, such as special culinary deals.

Improve Services: Focus on refining the most frequently used services, ensuring even faster room service and more reliable Wi-Fi.

Optimize Investments: Direct resources towards areas most important to guests, like improving ordering interfaces or expanding the culinary selection.

Increase Engagement: Create marketing campaigns focused on the most popular widgets, to further enhance guest interaction and satisfaction.

In summary, our digital concierge is key to understanding guest preferences. Utilizing this data, we can provide even more personalized and seamless experiences for all our guests.