Sun & Snow: automation of guest service process key to success

Sun & Snow: automation of guest service process key to success

How has the use of the SmartApartment tool enabled Sun&Snow to scale the business and turn apartments into maintenance-free?

In today’s dynamic world of short-term apartment rentals, effective management and delivery of exceptional Guest experiences is the key to success. Let’s look at the case of Sun & Snow, which has achieved impressive growth and efficiency gains through its partnership with SmartHotel and their innovative SmartApartments tool.

The dynamic changes in the apartment rental sector and the ever-emerging competition make scaling operations and effective management the key to success. Sun & Snow, despite its long tenure in the market, wanted to improve the quality of its business and introduce automated solutions. With the help of SmartApartment, a tool from SmartHotel, they achieved an even higher level of efficiency and strengthened their position on the Polish market of the vacation rental segment.


Sun & Snow is an apartment rental operator with more than 15 years of experience in the market. Managing more than 2,000 apartments in various locations, the company has faced the challenge of maintaining its leadership position in a competitive environment and adapting to the growing and changing demands of guests and apartment owners. Focusing on increasing operational efficiency and providing an even better experience has therefore become crucial.


Sun & Snow has made a strategic decision to introduce a “Click & Stay” service based on the advanced SmartApartment. Since its implementation in 2022, the service allows Guests to book reservations, communicate with local representatives and check-in online – eliminating the need for personal visits or contact with staff. Remote check-in, gives Guests the ability to arrive at the apartment at any time convenient to them, regardless of local office hours.


With the implementation of SmartApartment, Sun & Snow has achieved significant benefits. Automated booking processes and remote check-in have resulted in labor time savings and increased efficiency. The “Click & Stay” service provides guests with a personalized experience, and the company can customize offers. This has helped to increase customer loyalty and build a strong brand position in the vacation rentals sector in Poland.

The new checking system we have successfully introduced enables us to scale the business and to a greater extent automate the handling of stays in our apartments. Travelers, including those in the corporate segment, now expect reduced paperwork and the ability to complete all formalities from their personal smartphone.

says Marcin Dumania, president at Sun & Snow in an interview with

Sun & Snow’s partnership with SmartHotel exemplifies the use of modern technology in the growing apartment rental industry.

By focusing on operational efficiency and Guest convenience, the company has achieved success and remains a leader in the competitive market. Together, we are improving the SmartApartment tool to meet the needs of our partners and their Guests.