Royal Apartments Boutique Residence Gdańsk

Royal Apartments Boutique Residence Gdańsk

How did Royal Apartments achieve more efficient management of payments and internal operations by using the SmartApartment tool?

Entering the dynamic short-term apartment rental market, Royal Apartments – Boutique Residence Gdansk set an ambitious goal: to improve the quality of Guest service by automating process management and delivering exceptional experiences. By partnering with SmartHotel and introducing our tools, they have achieved success and greater guest satisfaction.

Remote check-in processes, automatic notifications and an instant messaging feature have significantly reduced the number of phone calls and questions from Guests. However, that’s not all. The most important step towards improvement was the introduction of an option to generate payment links, which allow Guests to conveniently make payments for additional services via their phone.

Efficient management, Guest convenience and modern communication have become key elements of operation. With SmartHotel and their SmartApartment, the company has opened up new possibilities for the future of short-term apartment rentals.


Royal Apartments – Boutique Residence Gdansk, sought to improve their operating model and deliver an exceptional Guest experience. Their goal was to streamline the booking process, remote check-in and communication with Guests, and optimize payments for additional services. All of this to enhance the quality of service and increase customer satisfaction.


The company decided to partner with SmartHotel and use the SmartApartment tool. The process of remote check-in, allowed Guests to have a convenient and hassle-free stay, eliminating the need for personal contact with staff. In addition, they were able to handle multiple Guests at once with the help of extensive communication on various channels, sending automatic messages with information even before their arrival.

The most important feature for Royal Apartments turned out to be the option to generate payment links, which allowed Guests to make payments for additional services, such as parking or extending their stay, right from their phone. This streamlined payment processes and made it more convenient for Guests.


By partnering with SmartHotel and using SmartApartments, Royal Apartments – Boutique Residence Gdansk achieved significant results. Remote check-in and communication processes significantly reduced the number of calls from Guests, and all information was delivered automatically. The option to generate payment links increased convenience for Guests and streamlined the payment process, which had a positive impact on customer service.

SmartApartment’s advanced features also contributed to improving the company’s operational efficiency and optimizing processes, resulting in higher standards of Guest service and satisfaction for both visitors and staff.

We don't have a 24-hour front desk on site and we wanted to streamline the check-in process and communication with guests . Thanks to smartHotel this has been fully automated. With the help of Smart Chat we are able to handle even several chats at one time, thanks to this the number of phone calls has significantly decreased , and there are fewer and fewer ongoing questions from guests, because all information is sent automatically before arrival. A particularly important option is the ability to generate payment links, e.g. for parking or an extra person, which a guest can pay from his phone.

says Dominika Dąbrowska, Concierge

With the cooperation of SmartHotel, Royal Apartments – Boutique Residence Gdansk has gained new opportunities, streamlined its processes and provided exceptional experiences to its guests. Of course, by constantly improving their tools, SmartHotel and Royal Apartments continue to strive to enhance the quality of service and create even more modern solutions to streamline operations in the apartment rental industry.