New feature: Editor in SmartApartment

New feature: Editor in SmartApartment

In the age of digitalization, any innovation that simplifies property management is worth its weight in gold. What once required paperwork, complex spreadsheets, and constant running between different tools can now be integrated and simplified thanks to technological progress. In line with this idea, SmartHotel is delighted to introduce an easy-to-use feature – the Apartment Editor. This new tool is a real helper for apartment owners, allowing for quick changes to the offer and better management, all from one place.

New possibilities

Easy Information Update – Apartment management now takes place from a single tab. It enables the editing and synchronization of apartment data effortlessly. Want to copy settings to other apartments? No problem. One click, and it’s done. Imagine forgetting about complex tables and endless paperwork.

Moreover, any changes made are updated in real time, so guests see the new data immediately after it’s saved.

Locks and Codes – A completely new module, available from the Entry Instructions in our new editor. It allows you to manage codes for the apartment, building, or even a gate in a very simple and clear way, which our system then automatically passes on to your guests.

Promoting Services – With new sections in the editor, apartment owners can easily promote additional services. From adding local restaurants, extra cleaning, to extending check-out times – everything is now within reach, enhancing upselling potential and guest satisfaction.

Personalization – With the editor in SmartApartment, tailoring the offer to guest needs is incredibly simple. Introducing amenities such as quick photo uploads, or using variables like ‘#googlePinMaps’ which automatically generate Google Maps links, makes the offers more accessible and understandable to guests.

Innovations that turn into real benefits

As a preview of the possibilities brought by SmartHotel, we have created an AI Assistant module available to hotel guests 24/7. Its effectiveness has exceeded our expectations, so we are beginning tests of a similar solution in SmartApartment, to offer unprecedented service and support there as well.

SmartApartment: The Key to real estate business development

The Editor in SmartApartment is more than just a tool – it’s a business partner that understands the needs of modern property management. By introducing SmartApartment to your facility, you are investing in the future of your business. We are convinced that this solution will allow apartment owners to increase their guests’ satisfaction and enable them to make fuller use of the available offers. At the same time, thanks to enhanced interaction and the associated greater guest loyalty, new opportunities arise for you to derive additional benefits from your business.