RentPlanet: Professional Apartment Management

RentPlanet: Professional Apartment Management

How did RentPlanet go from managing dozens of apartments to hundreds of properties nationwide within just two years using SmartHotel tools?

The key element to compete in the constantly growing apartment rental market and meet the expectations of demanding Guests is effective management and optimization of internal processes.

The history of RentPlanet is an inspiring example of growth where intelligent tools and process automation played a crucial role. This dynamic collaboration flourished and – with the help of our system – RentPlanet paved its path to success which not only brought them growth, but also industry recognition.


RentPlanet is an innovative company specializing in short, medium and long-term apartment rentals in several locations across Poland. They also provide property management services to owners, developers and investment funds. However, to achieve success in the dynamic hospitality sector, they had to face certain challenges.

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As the company grew and the number of properties increased from dozens to hundreds, it became necessary to introduce more effective and automated processes to meet the growing expectations of Guests and business partners.

RentPlanet gradually aimed to increase operational efficiency and rental revenue growth. This was necessary to maintain competitiveness in the market and build a brand reputation that attracts new loyal customers.


In response to the challenges they faced, the company found its solution in implementing the SmartApartment plan to manage their apartments. This strategic partnership enabled significant benefits for the company.

The first key aspect was the introduction of an automated reservation handling process. As a result, Guests receive immediate confirmations and information about their stay, which allows RentPlanet to focus on delivering the highest quality service.

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Another element of integration is managing Guest information. SmartHotel provides a complete history of the guest’s stay along with conversation – this allows for personalized service and elevating the quality of experiences both during and after the stay.

When a Guest from abroad arrives and wants to check-in at night – thanks to the fact that they fill in the digital card before arrival, there is no problem with getting to the apartment, at any time, without the need to contact us, because all the information is directly on their phone. Despite contactless service, Guests feel cared for and informed, which makes them more likely to return to us.” – Yana Miroshnichenko, Host at RentPlanet.

Effective management of apartments has become easier and faster, as with SmartHotel – the delivery of digital information about the property, additional services, promotions and attractions for Guests is automated. Additionally, our intuitive tools are designed so that both Guests and employees can easily use them, speeding up implementation in the company’s operations and saving a significant amount of time and resources at the same time.


With the support of tools from SmartHotel, RentPlanet has achieved a number of significant results that have contributed to the company’s success.

The automation of the reservation handling process has allowed them to save working time, minimize the risk of errors, and streamline administrative processes. This has resulted in a focus on delivering the highest quality of service to Guests, which translates into customer satisfaction and building their loyalty.

Managing information, on the other hand, has allowed for personalized service, which has improved the quality of Guest experiences. RentPlanet was able to tailor its offers to the individual needs of visitors, creating unique and satisfying experiences.

Additionally, the fact that SmartHotel integrates with KWHotel ensured ease in implementing the tools, as the connection of these systems allows RentPlanet to manage sales even more effectively, monetize the existing Guest base further and generate detailed reports and analyses necessary for making sound business decisions.

Thanks to the introduction of solutions from SmartHotel, RentPlanet has transformed its apartments into a dream destination where Guests can effortlessly make reservations, take advantage of extraordinary offers and receive exceptional service. Our collaboration has contributed to the continuous development of RentPlanet in the competitive apartment rental market. We are constantly improving our automated solutions to enhance the attractiveness of the offer and build a strong reputation for SmartHotel and our partners. We guarantee not only excellent service, but also continuous development that allows RentPlanet to achieve new successes and attract an increasing number of satisfied Guests.

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