KW Hotel and SmartHotel – Integration of Essential Systems in the Era of Technology

KW Hotel and SmartHotel – Integration of Essential Systems in the Era of Technology

Our partner, KW Hotel, a well-known and experienced player in the market, has opened up new possibilities for their customers in the realm of guest management and service.

SmartHotel, a company specializing in technological solutions for the hospitality industry, has become a crucial partner for KW Hotel in the process of transforming traditional hotel property management into a fully automated and interactive environment for both hotel and apartment Guests.

About KWHotel

KWHotel is comprehensive property management software (PMS) designed for hoteliers and apartment owners, enabling efficient guest service and reservation management. It offers a range of features that streamline the daily tasks of hoteliers, such as:

  1. Online reservations – allowing for easy and quick online bookings by guests.
  2. Guest profiles – enabling the storage and management of guest data, including their stay history, preferences, and payment details.
  3. Reception management – facilitating check-ins, check-outs, and automatic invoice generation.
  4. Cleaning schedules – enabling easy planning and control of housekeeping staff’s work.
  5. Reporting system – allowing for the generation of detailed reports on sales, hotel occupancy, and other essential metrics.
As a respected player in the hotel industry, KW Hotel faced increasing expectations from hoteliers and the need for effective property management. As their client base grew, the demand for more automated processes became necessary, primarily to provide an exceptional guest experience and enhance competitiveness in the market.

System Integration

Collaboration with SmartHotel became a pivotal factor in bringing innovation to KW Hotel. SmartHotel provided tools that significantly improved guest management and service before, during, and after their stay.

1. Automation

KW Hotel sends current reservations to SmartHotel, which automatically sends guests a link to complete their check-in card before arrival. The system intelligently reminds guests through various channels: email, WhatsApp, and SMS, a few days before their arrival. This ensures that real guest data is collected and updated in the system.

2. Digital GuideBook

Using SmartHotel, guests can access information about local attractions, events at the property, or other services available during their stay through a QR code or a link in the Digital Information Guide.

3. Guest Communication

SmartHotel has provided the option for real-time communication with guests without the need for additional applications. Guests can contact the hotel or apartment staff through features like an online chat or WhatsApp. This allows the hotel or apartment staff to answer questions, provide information, or resolve issues promptly. Mass messaging to a selected group of guests via SMS or WhatsApp is also a significant asset for sales, marketing, and information dissemination.

A prime example of the benefits of this collaboration is the story of one of our clients who detailed the values and benefits resulting from our partnership:


Through the collaboration between SmartHotel and KWHotel, hoteliers have access to easy and efficient tools that automate reservation processes, guest service, and boost sales efficiency.

Integration of these tools saves time and minimizes errors. Additionally, with improvements in the sales process, hoteliers can focus on other aspects of their property’s operations.

The integration of SmartHotel and KWHotel offers the ability to manage promotions and special offers for guests quickly and effectively, increasing sales opportunities and attracting new customers. This combination of tools not only streamlines processes but also enhances profits and guest satisfaction.

The collaboration between SmartHotel and KW Hotel helps maintain a high reputation as a modern property that fully leverages technology’s potential to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Our partnership continues to evolve, and we are ready to deliver innovations and enhancements in the field of hotel property management. For existing or potential KW Hotel and SmartHotel customers, you can learn more here.




Alicja Kawalec

Social Media Specialist