New feature: Custom links and QR codes for widgets

New feature: Custom links and QR codes for widgets

Hotel Guests can now enjoy even greater control and ease in discovering attractions and places with our latest update. For all widgets in the Digital Guidebook, you can now create custom links and QR codes.

New possibilities

Redirecting hotel Guests using QR codes or links to dedicated widgets in the hotel’s Digital Guidebook can bring numerous benefits for both Guests and the hotel itself. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Personalized experience: Dedicated widgets allow for the delivery of personalized information. For example, if a Guest is interested in the hotel restaurant’s offerings, you can set up a separate QR code and link in your account that, when scanned or clicked, will provide Guest with all the relevant information about the restaurant.
  • Improved understanding of offerings: Guests often might not be aware of the full range of services offered by the hotel. Through dedicated widgets and direct QR codes or links, they can learn about all the available options in the hotel, which might encourage them to try out new attractions or services.
  • Environmental savings: The Digital Guidebook already contributes to minimizing the need for printed materials. Now, by providing dedicated links and QR codes that lead directly to specific widgets, you can further reduce paper usage and the creation of traditional promotional materials.
  • Easy information updates: Compared to traditional printed materials, widgets enable instant information updates. The hotel can easily make changes to menus, offers, schedules, or other data without the need to print new materials. This commitment to sustainability continues to be a focus.
  • Service promotion: Your promotions are always visible – utilize the newly created QR code along with the link to ensure Guests see them as a priority upon opening the Digital Guidebook.
  • Increased guest engagement: Directing Guests to specific widgets can enhance their engagement during their stay. They become more interested in exploring the hotel’s offerings, potentially spending more time on the premises.

Introducing the ability to redirect Guests using QR codes or links to dedicated widgets represents a step towards an even better experience at your hotel. This new, convenient functionality enables faster access to personalized information, attractions, and services. We are confident that with this solution, you will enhance Guest satisfaction and enable them to make fuller use of your offerings. At the same time, it opens up opportunities for you as hoteliers to derive additional benefits from strengthened interaction and the resulting increased Guest loyalty.

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