Grano Hotel: Innovative luxury on Granary Island

Grano Hotel: Innovative luxury on Granary Island

The Grano Hotel is an exceptional luxury hotel, located on the picturesque Granary Island, the central point of Gdansk. It is located in close proximity to numerous attractions, restaurants and cultural venues, offering its guests an unforgettable experience.

Grano Hotel is a magical place, inspired by flowers and wine. The interiors of this unique facility reflect elegance and comfort, creating a unique atmosphere for each guest.

For lovers of relaxation and indulgence, the Grano Hotel offers a spacious Spa & Wellness Area. Guests there can lose themselves in soothing treatments and enjoy a harmonious atmosphere conducive to the regeneration of body and spirit. The hotel’s swimming pool provides exceptional refreshment for all those who crave physical activity.

Grano Hotel will not only take care of your leisure, but also your work and business. Three conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and work accessories allow you to combine pleasure with usefulness. For families arriving with children, the hotel has created a play space where the youngest guests can develop their creativity. Gourmets of traditional dishes will be surprised in the hotel’s restaurant. The chef, taking care of authenticity, serves dishes of Polish cuisine in a modern and surprising version. The author’s menu is a culinary journey through a variety of flavors and aromas.

Hotel Grano is a modern facility, open to innovative solutions and technologies, which continues to develop and thus stays ahead of the competition.


Prior to the implementation of the Digital Informer, Grano Hotel faced challenges in communicating offers more effectively to guests. The lack of personalized content about attractions and promotions and limited access to information about the area was affecting the quality of their experience.


The Digital Guide has become a key component of Grano Hotel’s transformation. Thanks to it, guests receive full information about the hotel’s attractions and the surrounding area, including available promotions and vouchers. This tool has made it possible to enhance convenience and personalize the visitor experience.


After implementing the Digital Informer, Grano Hotel has seen a significant increase in Guest engagement and increased satisfaction with their stay. Guests feel comprehensively informed about the available options for spending their time, resulting in higher satisfaction and loyalty.

We have been using the Digital Informator from SmartHotel for over a year. Initially we had concerns that the Polish market might not be ready for the standards of European technology, but we decided to implement Informator and it turned out to be a very good direction. Guests are much more willing to use digital solutions. They have access to the Informator through a link sent before arrival, as well as QR codes available on site. I believe that the digitization and automation that SmartHotel offers is the future of hospitality, which we will develop together.

says Hotel Director Arkadiusz Skobrosz

Grano Hotel has become an example of how innovative solutions can combine luxury with modernity. Thanks to the Digital Informer, the facility has achieved a higher level of guest service, creating a unique space on Granary Island where automation and personalization go hand in hand with luxury.

Visit Grano Hotel and discover digital comfort during your stay at one of Gdansk’s most prestigious facilities!