Grand Ascot Hotel: Elegance in the heart of Krakow

Grand Ascot Hotel: Elegance in the heart of Krakow

At Grand Ascot, every guest is unique. Located in the heart of Krakow, this luxury boutique hotel offers a unique experience that combines elegance with personalized attention to each guest.

Modern, luxurious interiors ensure relaxation at the highest level. Each of the hotel’s rooms, intimate and elegantly decorated, is a guarantee of the highest hotel standard. Grand Ascot is not only a place to relax, but also an excellent space for work and business. Comprehensively equipped, air-conditioned conference rooms allow you to organize a variety of meetings and events. Restaurant Four, on the other hand, offers excellent European cuisine, where guests will dine on original dishes and culinary classics in a modern twist.

The experienced and friendly team, is ready to help plan your stay in Krakow, recommend local attractions and arrange tickets for tours.

Thanks to its convenient location in the heart of Krakow, guests are free to explore tourist attractions and enjoy the city’s rich cultural offerings.

At the Grand Ascot Hotel, luxury and personalized customization combine to create a unique experience for each guest. From the elegant interiors to the personalized approach, the hotel ensures special moments and a comfortable stay.


The Grand Ascot Hotel wanted to offer their guests a unique, personalized experience, as well as optimize the communication and check-in process. So they were looking for a tool that would enable them to do so, as well as make the front desk’s work easier and faster.


To meet these challenges, Grand Ascot Hotel is using the capabilities of the SmartHotel tool. The innovative communication channel enables quick and efficient exchange of information with Guests at various stages of their stay. Remote check-in via allows Guests to have a smooth, contactless check-in process, eliminating queues and unnecessary delays. The tool also allows for a personalized approach to Guest offers. By analyzing Guests’ preferences and behavior, Grand Ascot Hotel is able to provide dedicated promotions and recommendations that meet their individual needs.


By using the system, Grand Ascot Hotel achieves personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression on Guests.Personalized offers attract attention and result in increased Guest engagement and increased sales of ancillary services, as well as streamlining and optimizing front desk operations.

At Grand Ascot we value innovation, which is why we decided to partner with SmartHotel over a year ago, and since then the tool has made our guest service process much easier.Everyone can conveniently contact the reception via chat or Whatsapp from the moment of booking, as well as during their stay. It has greatly relieved our phone lines. Guests write when they really need something, because they can find answers to most questions in the Digital Guide. Thanks to SmartHotel, we can conveniently transfer information between departments. A pleasant surprise is that the reception desk will soon be supported by GPT chat to communicate with Guests. We have reduced the manual work of the reception desk to a minimum - so we have more time to sell reservations.

says Hotel Director, Angelika Jarguz

Grand Ascot Hotel emphasizes its modernity by using SmartHotel for personalized communication (not only with the guest, but also between employees) and offers.

Visit this unique property and experience comfort during the check-in process and attractions tailored to your preferences.