Queen Boutique Hotel: a royal retreat

Queen Boutique Hotel: a royal retreat

The Queen Boutique Hotel is an exclusive property, located in the heart of Krakow, which attracts with its classic charm and modern approach to service. Situated in a renovated building, the hotel offers guests a unique experience in beautiful interiors, close to the numerous attractions and monuments of this historic city.

Inspired by classic style, the Queen Boutique Hotel focuses on combining elegance with comfort. The interiors are meticulously designed, and the decor emphasizes its unique character, creating an oasis of calm for every guest.

Relaxation and indulgence are a priority at the Queen Boutique Hotel. Natura Wellness & SPA is a spacious area where Guests can enjoy a variety of beauty treatments and massages. The pool and relaxation area additionally create a harmonious space conducive to the regeneration of body and mind, providing an ideal counterpoint to sightseeing in historic Krakow.

The Queen Boutique Hotel caters to the diverse needs of its guests. Whether they are traveling for business or leisure, the hotel offers three modernly equipped conference rooms where a combination of work and pleasure is achievable. For families with children, a creative play space has been created, allowing the youngest to enjoy active recreation.


Queen Boutique faced a challenge – to enhance the quality of Guest service to perfectly reflect the luxury profile of the hotel and provide an extraordinary, tailored experience. The lack of effective communication with Guests and the limited ability to handle reservations and answer questions simultaneously could affect the overall Guest experience.


The hotel decided to use the SmartChat tool to address these challenges. The use of this solution made it possible to introduce a remote check-in process, as well as facilitate communication, through the various channels available. This gave the Queen Boutique Hotel the ability to collect complete and reliable data, which became crucial for efficient operations and personalized service.

SmartChat allowed for real-time communication, providing guests with information about special offers, events and attractions available during their stay.


With the implementation of the solution from SmartHotel, Queen Boutique Hotel has seen a significant increase in the efficiency of the check-in process, allowing staff to focus on direct interaction with Guests and personalizing service.

The hotel is consistently moving toward fully automating its communication processes, with the goal of serving Guests even better.

We have been using SmartHotel for several months. By using a digital check-in card, we have sped up the check-in process. Guests are able to check-in before arrival, as well as on-site on a prepared tablet. It is now simpler for us to obtain real Guest data such as email , or tel, especially those from booking.com. Thanks to this, we were able to improve the efficiency of obtaining guest data from 40% to 99% , which is crucial for us. In addition, we can read them easily. Guests also automatically have access to all hotel information on their phone. These innovative solutions have significantly streamlined our operations, improving the quality of service and increasing guest satisfaction.

says Head of Reception, Jan Stachura

Queen Boutique Hotel is a perfect example of how modern technology can revolutionize guest service.

Visit the Queen Boutique Hotel, where elegance, relaxation and innovation combine to create a unique place on the map of Krakow!