Successful May holiday at Your property

May long weekend is one of the most popular periods for the hotel industry in Poland. During this time, hotels and apartments are very busy and employees work at full capacity to provide the best possible stay for their Guests. However, increased occupancy and expectations bring many challenges. So how to cope with these challenges and how can our solutions help during this time?

First and foremost, hotels should be fully prepared for the arrival of Guests and provide them not only with comfortable stay conditions, but also access to amenities and entertainment. This means that staff must be able to serve a larger number of people in a shorter period of time while maintaining an appropriate level of care and attention.

During the May long weekend, many people also travel with their families and children – increasing the demand for options for kids, such as animations or playrooms. Therefore, it is important to provide appropriate facilities to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for families.

It is important that the hotel’s offer is tailored to the Guests’ needs. One of the trends that has been developing in tourism lately is called “slow travel” – traveling without hurry, in order to fully immerse oneself in the culture and surroundings of a given place. Therefore many people choose places connected with nature, such as mountains, lakes or forests, so we can offer them special trips around the area and walks through picturesque areas, as well as hiking or cycling trails, which are equally popular. For hoteliers, this can be an excellent opportunity to showcase their region and its tourist attractions. It is therefore worth preparing offers promoting local cuisine or visits to museums and galleries.

May holidays are also a time when many people plan to relax in a SPA and Wellness center. Hoteliers can attract customers by offering special packages of massages, beauty treatments or using saunas and swimming pools.

How to ensure Guest satisfaction?

One of the key elements that make Guests feel at ease and appreciate their stay is the proper information about both on-site and off-site attractions. This is particularly important to avoid situations where they have to search for information on their own from various sources. Details are also crucial here because Guests feel more confident and less lost when they have access to the schedule of events and contacts of responsible persons for organization – in one place, e.g. on their phone.

According to research conducted by Oracle Hospitality in collaboration with Skift with hoteliers and clients – included in the “Hospitality in 2025” report – over half (53.6%) of travelers are in favor of contactless check-in and check-out being a permanent feature in hotels. Contactless payments were almost equally popular – 49.1%. The report also included Guests’ desire to have immediate access to hotel entertainment (45.1%) and the ability to use their own devices to enter the hotel (41.1%).


Using SmartGuest and SmartChat

During the May long weekend, SmartHotel features can be invaluable tools for hoteliers and their staff. The increased number of bookings, orders, and inquiries requires a lot of time and attention, and the challenge is to ensure fast and efficient Guest service. During this time, Guests are also more willing to use additional amenities and promotions, so it is crucial to effectively convince them to take advantage of the hotel’s offerings in order to increase the sale of additional services.

Properly configured SmartHotel Digital Guidebook encourage guests to use hotel and local tourist attractions as they can easily obtain information about them, which in turn increases the sale of additional services. This way, SmartGuest can contribute to increasing Guest satisfaction and improving the hotel’s financial performance while also providing easier management of hotel resources.

Czarny Potok
Osada Śnieżka

On the other hand, our SmartChat allows for easy and quick communication with the reception or other hotel staff, which is particularly important when the number of Guest questions and requests may significantly increase during the May long weekend. This feature allows for immediate response to Guest needs – hoteliers can quickly and effectively respond to questions and requests, which helps to avoid misunderstandings and increase guest satisfaction. In addition, if necessary, Guests can use the chat function to report room problems or any other aspect of their stay.

Embrace Smart Solutions!

Guest satisfaction is the foundation of the hotel industry – by using SmartGuestand SmartChat features, you can adjust your service to their needs in real-time and increase its quality.

Investing in SmartHotel is a guarantee of increasing profits and attracting new customers. Contact us to learn more and schedule a presentation.

We wish hoteliers and property owners a successful May weekend with lots of satisfied Guests who will be happy to return to you!


Alicja Kawalec

Social Media Specialist