SmartHotel was a Partner of the Hotel Management Congress in Dźwirzyno, Poland

The most crucial event in the hotel industry in the Polish hospitality market, and SmartHotel was its Partner!

On June 6, at the Senator Hotel in Dźwirzyno, near Kołobrzeg, the Hotel Management Congress, the annual meeting of the hotel industry in Poland, took place. As the official Partner, we have prepared communication with the participants during the event, and also presented our new products for the first time, i.e. SmartGuest and SmartChat plans that are easy and fast to implement and use.

SmartHotel Team Kongres Hotel Management event

Before the event, each participant received access to the digital Guide of the Senator Hotel in Dźwirzyno, which we created for the needs of the Congress. SmartGuest plan is the digital Hotel Guide! The event participants could use it by clicking on the link sent in the e-mail or by scanning the QR code on the spot at the hotel. This way, they had access to all the most important information about the hotel, their stay, and the agenda of the event on their mobile phones, whenever they needed it.

SmartHotel Team event Kongres Hotel Management QR code scan
photo: Piotr Piosik

In addition, we have added a live communication widget in the digital Hotel Guide – this is our second novelty – the SmartChat! Each of the event participants, as well as Guests of the Senator Hotel, had the opportunity to chat with the property, the role of which was played on the other side of the chat by our #SmartTeam 

SmartHotel Team Kongres Hotel Management WhatsApp wiadomości
photo: Piotr Piosik

How could Guests chat live using the digital Hotel Guide? Well, nothing easier than just WhatsApp. This makes the SmartChat plan different from the SmartGuest plan that it has a module for live communication between the property and Guests. Guests invariably use only their phones and do not need to install any additional applications, they use the communicators they know and use daily.

Using WhatsApp, we also have been sending messages to the participants on the day of the event and reminding them of the next parts of the Congress. Through these messages, participants could also communicate with us, as well as “enter” the digital Guide of Senator Hotel, or check the detailed event schedule.

Everything is combined into one coherent communication that allows the end users, i.e. Guests, to contact the property in the easiest, fastest, and least problematic way – only using their phones.

What else was happening during the Hotel Management Congress?

We have presented SmartHotel with our stand where we met many new and old friends and fellow hoteliers. They scanned QR codes and checked how easy it is to present Guests with all necessary information and the full hotel offer. Hoteliers also sent WhatsApp messages via SmartChat to test live communication between the property and Guests.

In the conference room, the essential part of the event took place, i.e. 5 lectures conducted by personalities in the Polish hotel industry and 4 expert debates, during which hotel experts exchanged views and experiences on specific topics.

SmartHotel Kongres Hotel Management CEO Maciej Prostak ekspert debata event
photo: Piotr Piosik

Our CEO & Founder Maciej Prostak was a member of the expert debate on modern solutions dedicated to hotels. Asked by the leader of the debate about what is still modern today, and what is not, he talked about solutions that are commonly used in other countries, and not by everyone in Poland. These solutions include QR codes, are they still modern? Rather not, because this technology dates back to the ‘70s, and has been experiencing a real renaissance since the pandemic, as it allows contactless and immediate access to any form of digital information.

SmartHotel CEO Maciej Prostak ekspert debata event Kongres Hotel Management
photo: Piotr Piosik

This technology, proven and popular in other countries, is also used by the SmartHotel system, and with the help of the new SmartGuest and SmartChat plans, we want to implement it in as many accommodation properties in Poland as possible.

If you want to check how easy and fast SmartGuest or SmartChat works, book a short online meeting, during which we will show you how you can improve the communication with Guests at your property!


Agata Krzywania

Marketing and Communications Manager